ETCARS: Electronic Truck Communications Addressing and Reporting System

A Brief Summary

ETCARS is a community project, designed by developers, for developers. Originally created by Josh Menzel(jammerxd) in collaboration with Thomas Karlsen(TheUnknownNO).

ETCARS is designed with one goal in mind: to provide developers with easy access to in-game data without decreasing game performance. There is still a lot of work being done on this project, so events and data structures are subject to change without notice.

So far, we've already had a lot of input from some of the biggest projects. Feel free to browse our gitlab for the latest source!

Every release of ETCARS will be signed with a Microsoft Authenticode digital certificate and timestamped using Comodo's Timestamp Server. This allows better security for our releases.


  •   Event based plugin (Raw TCP Socket Server)
  •   Compatible with Euro Truck Simulator 2
  •   Compatible with American Truck Simulator
  •   Compatible with Windows 7 and up
  •   Compatible with Linux
  •   Compatible with Mac OS X(Testing)
  •   Plugin - No External Programs!
  •   64-bit compatible
  •   Compatible with map and cargo mods

    (may not work with all)

  •   Open Source - GNU General Public License V3


  •   32-bit Compatible
  •   External Program(forget to start once in-game)
  •   Trip Logger
  •   VTC Logger
  •   Authenticator
  •   Reporting System
  •   User Interface